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The Incline Challenge At Rueter Hess Reservoir In Parker opened on Thanksgiving day 2020, and is quickly becoming a favorite spot for locals looking for a good workout outdoors.

If you’re a south Denver Metro resident living in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Elizabeth, Franktown, Lone Tree, Centennial, or Southeast Aurora, getting to the incline at Rueter Hess Reservoir in Parker is likely within a 15 – 30 minute drive. Being in close proximity to outdoor activities is always a plus, and if you live in Colorado, an outdoor workout is never out of season!

This hike gets you “out of the box” from the more typical neighborhood parks and trails. It’s absolutely worth checking out!

Where Is The Rueter Hess Incline Located?

The Incline Challenge At Rueter Hess Reservoir In Parker is located immediately west of the Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility at 11865 Heirloom Parkway in Parker. A dirt parking lot has been designated for visitors at the trailhead of the Incline Challenge. 28 parking spots are currently available, with future plans for expansion.

If you’re planning a visit, you should turn west off of Heirloom Parkway when you reach the Rueter-Hess Water Purification Facility. From there you’ll continue west to the designated Incline parking area. The Incline features 132 steps and the Rosie Rueter Trail loop that leads to and from the parking lot is just over a mile long.  

What Are The Rules For Using The Incline?

Here’s some things to keep in mind if you’re planning a visit to The Incline Challenge At Rueter Hess Reservoir In Parker:

  • The incline is currently open daily – from sunrise to sunset.
  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed.
  • Bikes are not allowed on the incline steps but are allowed on the trails. Bikers yield to pedestrians.
  • Pets are not permitted on the incline steps, but are allowed on the trails. Pets must be leashed at all times and cleaned up after.
  • Do not trespass by exploring off the trails or visiting after hours.
Here’s What To Expect When You Visit The Incline Challenge At Rueter Hess Reservoir!

What Should I Expect At The Incline?

Depending on the time of day and which day of the week you visit the incline will help to determine if you’re enjoying the incline in solitude OR with a larger amount of other outdoor enthusiasts. For instance, early mornings have a lower amount of visitors while weekends have the trail fairly busy.

From the parking lot, the dirt trail leading to the incline stairs is easily in site. (You’ll pass the porta potties, trash and recycling bins) There are 132 incline stairs that take you up to the top, where you can catch your breath as well as the wonderful view of Longs Peak, Pikes Peak, and downtown Denver on a clear day. (wow!)

132 Stairs At The Incline Challenge At Rueter Hess Reservoir

If you’re up for it, you can continue looping around the incline stairs and paths. Each loop provides a heart pumping one mile workout! Don’t let this keep you from making the trip though – This is something that all are able to participate it. From avid trail runners to parents with toddlers in tow, you’re likely to see people from all walks of life, fitness levels, and ages enjoying this new attraction.

I hope you’ll to add this to your list of things to do in Parker, or if you’re in any other part of the south Denver Metro Area. Who knows – maybe you’ll see me on the loop!

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