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So you’ve decided that now is the right time to sell your home. Congratulations! That’s the first decision that will bring you towards the closing table, and closer to your goal. Whatever your reasons are to sell your home, these 10 steps to getting your home ready for sale will get you moving in the right direction. Are there more than 10 things you’ll have to do? You bet! But we all love a good top 10 list, don’t we?!

Step 1 – Know the market.

What does this really mean? Seeing for sale signs go up and down in your neighborhood, hearing the news reports on the Denver Metro area as a whole, and overhearing what someone bought their home for at the school function is not the kind of market knowledge you need. Hard facts are important here. Local to your specific area.

What is the going price per square foot in your neighborhood?
What about when you figure in the above grade with the basement finish?
How long are the homes staying active before going under contract in your area?
Are they taking price reductions?
When the homes closed, what was their list to sold ratio?
Did the sellers pay for any concessions for the buyers?

All of these questions, when answered, help to formulate a solid viewpoint for what’s going on in your area. And of course it’s very important to keep in mind that ALL real estate is local. The market adjusts daily within your local area. The most current statistics are the most reliable when you want to sell your home. The Ingram Group with Keller Williams will make sure that you have all of the information to know and understand your neighborhood’s real estate market!

Step 2 – Clear Out The Clutter (and closets!)

No matter the size of your home, your buyer is going to want storage… As much as possible! (even if they don’t technically need it) It’s a tried and true selling tactic to remove items from the home before showings begin. Go through the home, top to bottom, and donate or pack up all of the “extras.” You’ll be moving anyway, so you’re just getting a head start on the packing process! Where closets are concerned, remove up to 50% of what you have stored. Sounds like a lot… it is! Keep in mind, more space in the buyers’ minds equals a more desirable home.

Step 3 – Choose Right

In a large metro area such as Denver, you won’t be at a loss for choices when it comes to real estate agents. I will always suggest (strongly) to interview/consider real estate agents that are also Realtors. They are not always one in the same. Realtors take an oath to uphold a higher standard of ethics, among many other things. How do you know if someone is a Realtor? Ask. And then you can follow up with whatever board they say they belong to. At The Ingram Group, we are Realtors. Always have been. Always will be. Does your agent keep up with the local market? Are they technology driven and savvy? Do they have the right tools to get your home sold? Your agent will make a large impact on your home sale. This is a step to take careful consideration with – yes, even in a “hot” sellers market.

Step 4 – Pets… Do You Have Any?

Are you a pet lover? Maybe it’s not you per-say, maybe it’s the kids’ dog… or cat. Either way, you’ll need to figure out a way to make your home as pet-free as possible when selling your home. Although your pets may be the cutest/smartest pets ever, not every buyer will appreciate a pet-occupied home. What to do: make sure that the pet hair, any odors, food bowls, pet damage, toys, etc. are taken care of prior to any showings. Let your agent know that you are open to honest feedback. Sometimes we become immune to any odors if we are around them all the time. Remember, it’s just for a short period of time. Soon enough, you and your animals will have a new place to call home!

Step 5 – Don’t Go Nuts With Upgrades

Quick fixes are totally okay, and better yet needed before you sell your home. You know, things that you’ve been meaning to get to, but just haven’t found the time to do so. Like the wonky toilet paper holder, the sprinkler zone that went out last summer, or maybe the hot water heater that maybe only has a year left in its working life. New paint, carpet, and updated hardware always pay off as well. Major upgrades typically don’t pay out big time right before moving. So, if you’re still thinking about demo to the family room or finishing the basement, please speak with your Realtor beforehand as it might not pay for itself in the long-run.

Stay tuned to this blog for steps 6-10 in Get Ready To Sell Your Home (pt 2)

Krista Ingram is a Colorado Realtor, CEO & team leader for THE INGRAM GROUP with Keller Williams Realty. She is a life enthusiast. She loves to laugh. She knows that NOTHING is impossible & is determined to live inspired – in ALL things. She leads her real estate team with a clear mission: Move clients smoothly, quickly, & with top-notch excellence to achieving their real estate goals. She has created a POSITIVE brand of overachieving real estate services – one that exceeds expectations & leaves each client fully satisfied with their choice of Realtors. Interested in learning how THE INGRAM GROUP can help you? Let’s talk soon! Contact Us At:

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